Power Plants
Cement and Ceramics Industry
Fertilizers and Chemicals Industry
Cellulose, Paper, Textiles and Carpet Industry
New Town and Housing Complexes
Hotel and Tourism Complexes, Shopping Arcades
Foundation, Piling and Injection Works
Motorway Projects



The Construction-Machinery-Erection Group of KUTLUTAŞ consists of seven companies, each offering a wide selection of services to the local and International contracting market, specialised in different areas and organised to undertake ali stages of construction, manufactııring and contracting'schemes.

 Through these companies KUTLUTAŞ delivers Turkey:

 Cement, ceramic, iron and Steel, zinc and lead, fertilizer and other chemical plants,

  • Ore extraction facilities,
  • Industrial complexes for the refining of crude oil and obtaining by-products,
  • Thermoelectric power plants and those running on natural gas,
  • Potable vvater distribution systems,
  • Natural gas and crude oil pipelines,
  • Motorvvays and airports,
  • Collection of industrial and domestic vvaste vvaters. their treatment, recycling and discharge, construction of necessary infrastructures for the above, 
  •  Housing complexes and new cities,
  • Touristic facilities, 
  • Sky-scrapers, hotels, shopping centers, 
  • Luxury villa complexes.

 Through its integrated organisation the group can cover the required services including but not limited to:


  • Engineering, ,
  • Systems design,
  • Research and analysis,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Heavy construction,
  • Production of tovver and bridge cranes and concrete form components under international licenses in addition to ali kinds of Steel structures,
  • Various production schemes,
  • Electromechanical assembly

 regardless of the size of the project and the ' geographical location and natural conditions prevailing at the site.