Ground İmprovement
Construction of water barriers
Pile Driving
Jet Grouting

This Company, founded in 1979, has successfully completed with its experienced personnel and state-of- the-art equipment, the deep foundation work of several petrochemical refineries, power plants, integrated paper milis; iron ore pelletization facilities and applied, as a first in Turkey, the thin-wall impermeability systems which now exist in more than ten dams and the slurry trench walls which can be brought down to a depth of 100 meters.

The Company also offers service in the follovving areas of specialization:

-Ali kinds of deep foundation work,

  • Drilling and ground study activities,
  • Underwater construction of foundations,
  • Pile driving operations with materials cast in situ (from 450 to 2500 mm 0),
  • Pile driving using precast reinforced concrete or steel profiles and tubulars,
  • Ground improvement,
  • Sheet piling works,
  • Construction* of water barriers,
  • Ali kinds of ground anchorage works,
  • Dam foundations,
  • Injection work,
  • Jet grouting.

During the 10-year period from 1979 to 1989 the follovving were completed and delivered:

  • 9.000 sqm. of slurry trench and retaining walls with anchorage (Frâzer method),
  • 16.000 sqm. of slurry trench impermeability vvalls (Frâzer method),
  • 300.000 square meters of thin-wall water barriers,
  • 50.000 meters of driven piles,
  • 35.000 meters of bored piles,
  • 25.000 meters of anchorage,
  • 70.000 meters of drilling and injection.