Project engineering
Project management and planning
Consultancy in the field of developed technologies
Building consultancy
Systematic computerised market research
Import, export and marketing services
Materials supply
Data processing




The design and engineering group vvhich has existed for more than twenty-five years vvithin the KUTLUTAŞ group was given an independent status in 1979 in parallel with an ever-increasing volüme of contracts and the KUTLUTAŞ ENGINEERING, REPRESENTATION, CONSULTANCY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. was formed as a general engineering, design, consultancy and trade enterprise of the group to offer the follovving services:


-  Profect engineering,

-  Project management and planning,

-  Consultancy in the field of developed technologies,

-  Building consultancy,

-  Systematic computerised market research,

-  Import, export and marketing services,

-  Materials supply,

-  Data processing.



The Company is currently conducting the consultancy engineering for the Ankara Ring Road and Gerede Motorvvay Project and the design and engineering services for İzmir Ring Road and Aydın Motorvvay Project.