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 Following developments in technology, HALISER was formed in 1977 to produce carpets and floor coverings using the tufting technique. The plant was put into operation in 1983.

This modern factory, established on a 41.000 sqm. indoor area at Bilecik/Bozüyük, produces 5 million sqm. of tufting and non-woven carpets and 2.500 tonnes of semi-kamgarn carpet yarn. It is the only plant in Turkey capable of producing patterned and plain carpets up to a width of 4 meters with its fully-automatic printing machines. The Company produces high-quality twin-function floor covers and rugs of a vast variety of colors and patterns for wall-to-wall applications of tufting rolls and individual carpets for homes, offices, hotels, motels and other similar tourism facilities and establishments.

 As the organisation which first introduced the non-woven and velvet technologies to Turkey, HALIFLEKS was established in 1969 with an indoor area of 35.000 sqm. in Bursa. It produces today 15 million sqm. per annum of wall-to-wall and individual carpets. The product mix comprises also wall covers, upholstery textiles, blankets, shoe sole liners, industrial heat and sound insulation felts and artificial lawns and several other non- woven goods. The plain carpets and the multicolored ones with geometrical or classical design of oriental origin have a great attraction within the country and abroad, particularly in the Middle-East region.